Monday, 24 July 2017

Has Nigel Potentially Found The Biggest Book In The World In An Evesham Charity Shop?

This has got to be the biggest book Nigel has ever seen, not in pages but in sheer size, found in one of the charity shops of Evesham….. goodness knows how anyone who bought it would get it home as it’s almost certainly too big to carry for any distance, you’d have to get a wheelbarrow.
IMG_3506Nigel was so taken that it might be a world record breaking charity shop find that he asked the lady serving if she had a tape measure to measure it, he made it at 43.2cms x 66cms, which is humungous, potentially bigger than some dogs, and heavier!
IMG_3510It was a bargain at just £5 and if not used as a coffee table book, given a few artistically placed bricks, it could certainly be used as a unique coffee table in a dog loving household!!!  Nigel refrained, on this occasion, from making one of his considered purchases, thank goodness!!!


Mr.D said...

One huge book!

If you told Nigel he had to carry it home himself, he may have thought twice. Or may have taken it as a challenge.

Dianne said...

Never seen anything like that.....wouldn't fit on my bookshelves!....beautiful book but a challenge to use...whew! common sense prevailed!.....Love, Dianne