Friday, 14 July 2017

Corfu Town

Corfu town promised much and in turn delivered much in buckets and spades……..
IMG_3071……. especially on the Greek pudding front, where never has baklava tasted soooooooooooooooooo wonderful!
Old Corfu Town was just so very, very robustly romantic ………
……. with its tall, narrow alleyways, leading on to intriguingly mysterious candlestine rendezvous …….
……. only in such old towns can peeling paint and hung out washing on balconies look so picturesque.
And where else, despite being so unbelievably hot, could making the considered purchase of a fur garment seem so natural?
Fruit was in abundance……..
……. so, as ours was only a mid-afternoon/early evening visit we were able to eat on the hoof, follow our rigourous five a day routine and take on moisture from whatever we could, namely cherries, peaches, grapes and plums!
IMG_3068Darrell treated himself to a bottle of kumquat liquor, the national liqueur of the Corfu, an exciting addition to our burgeoning cocktail cabinet back at The Towers and a poignant memory jerker as the nights draw in, if he can find a suitable recipe in amongst his many cocktail books. 
IMG_3027Nigel was particularly taken by all the Corfuvian lace …… although I have to admit to not being too overly enthusiastic about the olive embroidered toilet roll holder he was very enamoured by, no matter how finely machine sewn.
IMG_3078Yes, Old Corfu Town was a rare treat, that will be long remembered in years to come ……. as I said it did not disappoint ……
IMG_3079…… well,  only perhaps in the fairground grabber department down by the harbour …… and that is being a bit churlish! Happy, happy days!


Mr.D said...

This looks great!

I hope none of you has been smashing plates or belly dancing. That includes you, mum! (I once belly danced on the table of a Greek restaurant when I lived in London.)

We have five hours to kill in Lima airport. Hopefully we will meet Paddington or one of his relatives.

Anonymous said...

I think that pink 'bear' in the front of the grabber machine is trying to tell you he wants out!!! Happy days, thanks for the Corfu old town tour - pleasure to walk the streets with you all. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Must leave the diet at home.....who could ever resist that baklava; I would be impatiently waiting for a return visit!.....wonderful fresh fruit that always tastes sooo good after a lot of rich food .....lovely picturesque town to wander around and give a true holiday feeling....what a great choice for this year's holiday!...Love from Dianne