Saturday, 19 December 2009

Sprout Racing

I am so excited ……  we have got Tesco Sprout Racing Crackers to play with on Christmas Eve when Granddad Colin and Uncle Iain are coming for festive bangers and mash!
A couple of years ago one of the ladies in the office leant us hers to play with one afternoon and since then I have dreamed of having some jumping sprouts of my own

My mum made a little track, I am sure she will make another one for us this year.


Julia Dunnit said...

Ah found the leave a comment button - I have to jiggle mah mouse around to highlight it! The sprouts willbe fun monkey, for sure. Tell Mum too that Bangers & Mash sound perfect to me on Christmas Eve.....we may be eating in harmony!

Ali said...

That looks a great game - wonder if our Tesco still have them?? Also monkey - my 2 little boys say a great big thank yoooooo for your new christmas post card - they love it - mind you giving them expensive taste they want to go to Starbucks!!!

Mr. D said...

Sprout racing for the next Olympics! I don't think we can get them in Mexico City.
Mr. D