Friday, 4 December 2009

Yuletide Shopping Through The Magic of the Internet!

I love shopping on the internet.  When you have short stumpy arms and legs like me it’s a godsend.  Much as I love the Banga bus and George, lugging my Yule Tide shopping on and off it, is no festive picnic!
I love sites like I Want One of Those and The Gadget Shop for unusual presents. I have bought Lucy a Penny Falls machine, she will love me forever when she sees it!!
Sometimes, just for a laugh, when I am bored at lunchtime, I go into Harrods Food Hall, fill my shopping cart with all manner of posh food like escargots, pate de something, mange touts and peanut butter M & M’s  ....... and then just leave it there .....
NB – I must add George to my Christmas Card list.
Its just soooo Tinternet-tastic in a get your credit card out type way

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Carmen said...

I've done mosty of my Christmas shopping online this year Monkey. No crush, no heaving bags around and you can sit wiith feet up and cuppa in hand while you do it :D Bliss!