Monday, 21 December 2009

A Christmas Present For George

 Present for George
I have got George, the Banga bus driver, a little present for Christmas.  He is very kind, if I am a bit late in the morning he will take me to the top of the road for free and he will stop where you want to get off instead of just stopping at the bus stop.
Picture 012
I went to the cash machine to check how much money I had and then went to town and got George some fingerless mittens, because his hands must get quite cold while he is driving.
George is the only bus driver for our village so we must look after him.


Ali said...

You are very kind & thoughtful - I bet he loves his new mittens x.

KraftyKaren said...

Such a sweet thoughtful thing to do - I hope he likes them.

Greenpixey said...

Very considerate and well thought out prezzy

Carmen said...

Aha! Found the linky to post a comment!

That's a veryu thoughtful present Monkey - just like the very thoughtful cards that greeted my girls this morning - imagine a couple of cheshire cats and you wont be far off! Thank you Monkey :)

Mr. D said...

Buses stop anywhere here too and cause havoc. Good old George.