Monday, 28 December 2009

Thank You Letters

I had a brilliant Christmas and life is gradually returning to normal.
Monkey Says Thank You 1
The most important job today is to write all my “Thank You” letters. I had a lovely set of cupcake and cookie gift cards that I am using to do this.  they are ever-so good as they have a recipe on the back to go with the picture on the card.
Monkey Says Thank You
I am saving one of each card for myself so I can try out the recipe.  This is going to be one of my New Years Resolutions – to learn how to make cakes.
After all my writing, I am looking forward to my tea tonight – as it’s turkey and chips, my festive favourite.


Devon said...

wow nice dinner and yummy cards lol... were did you get them???
cool new years resolution :)
If you click on my name it will lead you blog if you ever wanna looksie monkey :)

Ali said...

What lovely manners you have monkey - I love those cards - you always have fab things!!

Mr. D said...

What's wrong with turkey curry, turkey soup and turkey ice cream?