Thursday, 3 December 2009

Advent Tut – Thursday 3rd December

We are well into tutting now- we had a seamless opening of tut at 10.00 this morning.
 3RD deC
Today I got three jewel encrusted nail files.  I am going to give one to Mum, one to Auntie Jan and one to Lucy, because, you may have noticed that I do not have any fingers, which means I don’t have any nails, and so have nothing to file.
I think my Mum will pick the jewels off hers and embellish stuff with them.
I am not sure about my hat – I don’t think it does a lot for me …. Auntie Jan has just confirmed my thoughts, she has text me and said " Get a plain hat Monkey, the Santa is just not working for you"

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