Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas Hankies

I apologise for the odd angles and darkness of these pictures, Mum thinks she is David Bailey!
Monkey with hankies
Auntie Jan sent me a surprise present, some festive hankies for my Yuletide sniffs!
Monkey and bandana
But they are too nice for sneezing into, the Santa one makes a brilliant bandana, it gives me a festive rakish look.
Monkey with scarf
And the reindeer one makes a sophisticated neckerchief.  Another multi tasking gift!


Ali said...

Monkey you look very dapper!!! Can I thank you for your Christmas postcard - you have made 2 boys v. chuffed and amazed - how does monkey know where we live??

Anonymous said...

Monkey looks like a rakish pirate with his bandana. With both his bandana and his neckerchief he out-does Adam Ant.
Mr. D

Anonymous said...

"Mum" thinks she's David Bailey - who is "dad"? David Bellamy? He is famed for loitering in the bush.
Mr. D