Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Advent Tut - 1st December 2009

I had to wait ages to open my tut today because everyone was very busy, but finally we got together at 2.30 pm.  I opened my first parcel of the Advent Season to find a snowman soap for my festive baths.  I think he floats on the water,  so I won't have to furtle beneath the bubbles to find him. Bubbletastic!
snowman tut


Happy1234 said...

I had to leave you a message to let you know I have now found my own monkey just like you and he even comes with Mrs Monkey too. I bought them off ebay today.

Helen said...

Congratulations xxxxx

Julia Dunnit said...

Cool! Be a patient Monkey and don't yank his little feet out of the soap before time.....!

Greenpixey said...

Now that is a great Christmas tut. Adorable snowman soap :)