Thursday, 10 December 2009

Top Tip - Yuletide Washing Up

M’Lud I present the evidence before you, the tea towels of festive shame!

Tea towels may seem a strange inclusion, however their addition may save a festive host much seasonal embarrassment ......
Picture 445
Imagine the following scenario …….
After enjoying the hospitality of a genial host, a polite guest may wish to repay their kindness by offering to help with the washing up. They may cast an eye around the kitchen looking for a suitable cloth with which to dry the dishes, when they might alight upon the "tea towel drawer".
Visualize the utter dismay of the host, upon entering the kitchen carrying an empty trifle bowl to witness the guest drying the gravy boat with a well worn (nay threadbare) 1990 Garfield Calendar tea towel.

(Lovely new tea towels in a festive red and with lurex detail)
(drying up
The situation can be very easily avoided by the addition of a pack of three assorted tea towels popped into the shopping trolley during the last shop at Asda before "The Big Day"

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