Saturday, 5 December 2009

Photocopying Your Bum is NOT a Good Idea at the Office Christmas Party

Come on, we've all done it ........ it's not clever and we always regret it next day when the boozy haze of the office party begins to clear and some comedian pins the results all round the office. So this year ........ JUST DON'T DO IT!
Photcopier-tastic in a an chilly bum type way!


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Monkey! I think it's getting caught doing it whichis the wrong thing..which means not handing out a kerjillion copies of the erm, bum!

Happy1234 said...

LOL, funny. By the way I got a parcel today and inside were 2 lovely monkeys just like you - would you like to meet them?

Carmen said...

LOL! Naughty Monkey.

Guess what? A cousin of yours has also arrived here for a certain blonde Monkey addict. But he is going to hide and jump out at her on Christmas day ;)

Helen said...

This is so spooky - cos I have got two friends staying over for Christmas too!!!

This next bit is for ADULTS ONLY

I have been trying to track down as identical monkey as I can but despite double & triple checking checking measurements with sellers, they are a fraction smaller, which makes a slight difference in clothes sizes. Monkey's new friends are definatley newborn size - where monkey can get away with 3mths.

Can't believe I am sanely discussing monkey clothes!!

If you can e-mail me a photo I can add monkeys friends to sidebar

Happy1234 said...

I have emailed you pic :)

Donna said...

now I've seen it all - TOO FUNNY!