Tuesday, 22 December 2009

My Santa’s Plate & Final Festive Preparations

My Mum found this brilliant plate in Poundland.  You can write on it, telling Santa what you would like him to leave you when he comes. He can read it while he is eating the chocolate hobnobs I am leaving him.
I haven’t really decided what I would like for Christmas yet ….. a new pencil case would be nice with some new pens, and perhaps a notebook ……….
Making pillow presents
It’s been my job this Christmas to do the “pillow presents” for Christmas Eve, they have to be small to fit in a little stocking.  For Lucy I found a little spotty purse and some chocolate money to put in it, a monkey zip pull, a princess picture frame and a funny vodoo  angel doll phone charm.  It was quite a squash to get it all in.
putting stocking on pillow
Lucy’s room looks lovely now.
Lucy's Bedroom
She has even got a snowman alarm clock to wake her on the festive morn and snowman towels to dry herself after her Yuletide shower.
Picture 535 Picture 534
Sweet festive dreams Lucy.


Devon said...

they are lovely presents, I bet lucy will love them... cute plate and stocking where did you get the stocking???

Thank you for my postcard monkey it was gorgeous, I'm getting excited too :)

Helen said...

Hi Devon.

Have a lovely Christmas - I hope you have some WONDERFUL presents.

The little stockings were from Matalan 2 years ago.

Monkey xxxx

Mr. D said...

Chocolate Hobnobs for Santa? What's the world coming to? What's wrong with mince pies, milk and a carrot for Rudolf?

Mr. D said...

I hope monkey doesn't pull his zip. We don't want Mr. Plod popping round.

Anonymous said...

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