Sunday, 13 December 2009

Matters of a Delicate Yet Festive Nature

Monkey with Festive Loo Rolls
I believe in attention to Yuletide detail, I like to have a little festive cheer in every room in the house.It is easy to overlook the smallest room when decking the halls …. but I like to think that I go that extra mile, without going too over the top, with celebratory toilet tissue ….. the whoops of delight that come from our bathroom over the holiday season make it all worthwhile!

This year I have got my tissue from M & S, I have plumped for a star pattern,  they did have a penguin design too, but though I could wipe my nose with ease on a penguin, I am not so sure about my posterior!


Julia Dunnit said...

hello...tap tap..this thing on? If it's working, I wanna say - you aren't alne MOnkey..we decorate a bit and include festive loo roll...but we have the penguins...becasue our teeny tiny M&S didn't give me a choice. But it's OK, I'm over it!

Anonymous said...

Holly could be painful. (The plant and not the person.)
Phil D