Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Paperchains & Christmas Tele

Aunty Jan showed me how to make paperchains, so I have made some for my bedroom, they were a bit fiddly and kept on getting tangled, but my room does look very festive now.
I have also been studying my TV magazine and have put a ring round all the programmes I would like to watch.
TV times
I won’t miss the Queen on Christmas Day because I love her and will record it to watch on Boxing day when my mates come round.  I won’t be watching anything with Bruce Forsyth in as he gives me the ebby-jebbies, I love Celebrity Come Dine With Me and Gordon Ramsey.  In fact I think I will try to cook more next year ……
I don’t like Eastenders at all, too much shouting and always a festive death!  However I am partial  to Coronation Street, although I don’t like Molly and Kevin carrying on and Gail Platt and her her simpering voice and fluttery eyelashes when she is trying to be seductive or understanding!

I am looking forward to The Pirates of the Caribbean, as that will remind my most fondly of my Brownie Weekend with Auntie Jan.

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Ali said...

Hi monkey - have a great christmas - enjoy your telly - another thank you from my two boys for the postcards they have pride of place at home!!!