Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Cadbury World – Part 1 - Buying Chocolate for Hungry Ladies.

The responsibility of having to purchase so much chocolate, for so many ladies weighed heavy upon my shoulders….. especially knowing that their short term happiness depended on me………..
Monkey with shopping list
I am afraid that I was so busy checking and re-checking my list on the bus that I didn’t notice Mr Collis’s monkey sitting at the side of Mr Collis’s seat, until he coughed and said “A-hem….. remember me?”
Mr Collis's Monkey
We caught up with each others news and he kindly offered to help me get my shopping.
Picture 226
The shop was huge ……
Picture 221
and chocolate was in abundance ……
Picture 223
But, I knew I had to stay focused on the task in hand before I could have fun …… (that will come in tomorrow’s post).
It was a good job Mr Collis’s Monkey offered to help me,  because in the end we had filled 5 carrier bags ……. which Mr Collis put in his spacious boot so that it wouldn’t melt.  Those ladies sure are hungry ladies!
When I got back I had to put everyone's orders together  ……..
Sorting out orders
and sort out what everyone owed me …….
Sitting on a pile of chocolate
To be honest I was quite, quite exhausted and didn’t really fancy any chocolate …… I fancied something savoury instead.


qwiksave said...

Oh my goodness! That is some chocolate mountain! (Did they sell any Rum & Raisin by chance? I NEED some of that! :-)
Also, I'm popping by to see if you would let us know some secrets about yourself (or your good lady!) because I have awarded you with a Beautiful Blog Award. See this post here:

Mr.D said...

Something savoury is better than something unsavoury, like that fox. You, Monkey, are sweet enough already.