Saturday, 15 May 2010

How Brilliant Is This?

Coffee Mixer
I love a frothy cup of coffee, but a trip to Starbucks or Costa is a special treat reserved for the odd Saturday as a mid shopping indulgence.
Pocket Coffee Whisker Whisssker
But look what I’ve got ........ it's a mini portable coffee whisk, so I can have frothy coffee on the go, anytime …… it even comes with a spare whisk and faux leather pouchette, so I can take it anywhere.
I know my coffee isn’t very frothy in these pictures, there is a story ……….. this is the second time I have posed with this BRILLIANT aide de cafe, the first time I filled my mug too full and the coffee went everywhere, so I had to change my top and clear up the mess, but it does work, but with slightly less liquid.

1 comment:

Mr.D said...

Careful you don't get a froth moustache Monkey.