Saturday, 8 May 2010

A Locket for Molly

Locket Locket for Molly
I found a locket from Ali’s 30p or 4 for £1 box - I thought it would be nice for Molly.
Locket 1 Looking at locket
It’s made out of real metal and it comes with a set of pictures of puppies and kittens to put inside ….. I wonder if it would be thought presumptuous if I put a picture of me inside instead.
Picture 056 
I don’t want to seem forward.
Picture 060
When I have  decided what picture to put in, I will wrap it in tissue paper and put it in this small brown box I have found and then wait for an apt occasion to give it to her.

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Mr.D said...

Monkey, better to appear forward than to appear backward, especially working in a school.