Saturday, 29 May 2010

More Eurovision Song Contest – It Just Gets Better …..

Look what you can download from the BBC Eurovision Song Contest site
 Eurovision - print You Own Flag

…….Our National Flag …… woooo hooo, BRILLIANT – me and Darrell will be waving ours so hard there will be a fair breeze in our parlour!
Eurovision Party Food Recipes
……. Eurovision Party Recipes …….. Darrell says can we stick to our Pringles as he isn’t very keen on fish – and to be honest an excited Darrell full of Norwegian Fish Pie, with carrots and peas doesn’t bear thinking about …. so Pringles it is!
Picture 301
….. You can even print the lyrics off so that you can sing along, this is Finland’s entry, look at the long complicated words with lots of syllables ……. I think me and Darrell are going to be doubled up with laughter trying to join in this one …… even more reason not to serve up fish pie, carrots and peas for tea!
Eurovision Song Contest  Eye Spy Sheet
And finally Eurovision Eye Spy …….. I cannot tell you how excited I am now ….. I don’t know how me and Darrell will get through the next few hours before it begins!!!!

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Mr.D said...

High excitement indeed! Hopefully the breeze in the parlour doesn't give aunty a stiff neck. Don't all songs include the words "bing banga bong" (about George's bus?) and "inky pinky parlez vous?"