Sunday, 30 May 2010

Eurovision Song Contest 2010 – The Aftermath.

Just a quick catch up after the excitement of last night …. first this is what me and Darrell predicted at 9.59pm before the voting began …..

Picture 340

And this is our scorecard ….. we noted that if you sing a ballad, you get the wind machine thrown in for free, which is very nice if you have lovely long hair that blows about in a romantic nature.

Picture 341

We had a brilliant night ….. we laughed at the butterflies …. spilling a little of our Pepsi Max on the settee.

Picture 319

And the robot with a gigantic sparklers!

Picture 324


Mr.D said...

I wouldn't want a wind machine thrown in my face - rather painful. I go mental with sparklers - like a big kid reverting to childhood.

qwiksave said...

I agree about the butterflies, they were hilarious weren't they? And so BAD! Cringingly so! (But even they beat us! SO embarassing!