Monday, 24 May 2010

Introducing Rooney.

Me and Rooney
This is me and Rooney.  Rooney is sports mad and looks a bit of a bruiser, but he’s a real softie inside!
He has just been appointed to work for the Young Ladies PE Department promoting Sporting Activities..  He will be responsible for the “Sporting Word of The Week” – he tells me that this weeks word is “Scrum”, I thought he said “Scum” at first …… because I have seen the state the showers get in after the young ladies have used copious amounts of shower products!
Rooney will also have to book all the buses to get the various teams to their matches. He is an expert on all the  bus companies in the area and can quote all the sizes of the vehicles they have in their garages!  I have told him about the Banga bus and George, but I don’t think George would be available for duties of this nature ……. which is a pity.
I also told Rooney about me and Cyril doing the Race for Life and straight away he offered to whip us into shape.  I asked him to be gentle and then suggested that he might get himself a new pair of trainers ….. not that I am any sort of  fashionista but …….. his current ones hardly match his England kit do they?


Julia Dunnit said...

*waves* hi Rooney! I think you're right Monkey, his wges need to go on trainers..specially if he's gonna help you to train for Race For Life - you need to have sartorial elegance on the run as well!

Mr.D said...

I thought it said "scram." Careful with being whipped into shape, sounds painful. Does Rooney have a WAG? They seem to be popular with footballers and dog's tails.