Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Wall’s Viennetta – A Quandary.

Picture 161
There is a pub/restaurant across the road from our house that has just put up a sign offering this “meal deal”, but I am confused …..
It sounds a bargain, but what does it mean ……?
Do they serve you 2 rump steaks and a Viennetta on the same plate?
Walls Vienetta SNN28TV4F-280_975138a
I’m not sure about the combination myself, I like rump steak and I like Viennetta, but I’m not sure about having them together.  When you put a piece of steak on your fork and then add a bit of Viennetta, surely it would melt?
I wonder what Marco Pierre White would have to say about this combination?  I think he would tap his knife a lot!

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Mr.D said...

A quandary indeed. Is it two steaks on your rump? Cooked, raw or frozen? The world needs to know. Is the Viennetta cooked too?

You can get "Walls" products with the heart shape in Mexico but they are called Holanda - rather confusing. Never seen a Viennetta however.