Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Getting My Flags Up.

The football on Monday night got me excited, the next time I see the Fabio and the England team they will actually be in South Africa …………… ENGGGGGGERRRLAND!
Picture 237
So I thought I would start my World Cup preparation ….. to show my support to our team.
I apologise for my slightly uneasy expression in  these pictures, as I don’t really “do” heights, but this is a small sacrifice,  when I think of all the intensive training the   ENGGGGGGERRRLAND team will be putting in during the next few weeks for the honour of the Queen and the people of England.
Picture 238
I am not going to festoon the whole house, that would look a bit common, just a few flags placed in strategic places will suffice ………this one is in my back garden, flying proudly from the kitchen extension.

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Mr.D said...

I had a bet with my father-in-law (not a criminal) and he has to pay for the pizzas as En-ger-land won.
I will be eating them soon. I have a tie with the George cross in it. Maybe I'll wear it, avoiding getting pizza on it will be a challenge.