Saturday, 22 May 2010

Hook A Duck – All The Fun Of The Fair But In Your Front Room!

Picture 173
The fair came last week, but to be honest I am not very keen on being spun round till I feel sick or bumped from behind  in a dodgem car resulting in a bitten tongue.  I prefer gentler fairground games of a chance……. like hook a duck.
So imagine my great delight when I found this little set in Ali at the Papershops’ 30p each or 4 for a £1 box …….
Picture 182 Picture 183
How BRILLIANT is this?  I put numbers on the bottom ……
Picture 184
And put them in a dish of water ……..
Picture 189  Picture 187
Darrell joined in too.
Picture 192 Picture 193
My only criticism is that the ducks have slightly odd faces, but for only 30p it seems a little churlish of me to say so.

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Mr. D said...

I'd forgotten all about Codsall Fair (Fayre if yer posh.) My class made magnetic fishing games last week and it was fun for all the family.
It's never fun being banged in the rear from behind.