Sunday, 9 May 2010

Peter Kay – The Tour That Doesn’t Tour Tour.

peter kay Peter Kay Tour 2010
Due to the tight security the at the “gig”, as we aficionados like to call them, I wasn’t able to have any pictures taken of me at the Manchester Arena – however, as we were driving down on Thursday night, I took a couple of pictures of a Marmite tanker which I found very exciting …..
Picture 163 Picture 164
It was a bit of a rush as we couldn’t leave Wolverhampton for Manchester until everyone had finished work and so didn’t have time for tea …….
Picture 162
But we had a pretty comprehensive picnic in the car provided by Aunty Jan (and Asda).
Peter Kay Manchester 2010
Souvenirs were beyond my pocket money (no 30p each or 4 for a £1 box here) But I did manage to get some streamers from the massive explosion at the end, which will hold plenty enough memories for me in the future and I will treasure them greatly.
Mr Kay was BRILLIANT, so funny I wish I hadn’t had the last mini pakora in the car!  It would have been nice to have gone backstage and ask if he could sign a bit of my streamer but it was late, I expect he was entertaining some of the cast from Coronation Street in his dressing room and we had a long journey home.  An evening of magic nevertheless.
…… Ross Noble – my comedy hero is coming to Wolverhampton soon , I wonder if he will remember me when he sees me waiting at the stage door?

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Mr.D said...

I see sausage rolls in your picnic. I had a sausage roll last night - a Mexican had made them but nobody knew what they were. They don't get the old joke. Why did the apple turnover? Because it saw the sausage roll.