Monday, 17 May 2010

Preparing For A Trip To Cadbury World

It’s all very exciting…….. the young ladies who do cookery are going to Cadbury World tomorrow to study all things of a chocolate nature and they have asked me to go with them!  Mr Collis is taking us in his bus, which is very exciting too, as I will get to see Mr Collis’s monkey.  I hope he lets us sit on the special seat at the front.
Visit To Cadbury World
In preparation for this trip it has been my job to e-mail all the ladies in all of the offices to ask if they would like anything bringing back ………..
Cadbury World Shopping List
This is a great responsibility ……. and I have much to get ………… I may need help to carry it all.

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Mr.D said...

The Cadburys here comes from Canada and it's not the same. Don't eat too much Monkey or you will be sick.