Thursday, 13 May 2010

A Gift From The Young Ladies

Chocolate Lollipop from Tenby
The young ladies who are studying Geography for their GCSE’s bought me back a chocolate lolly from Tenby, where they have been studying things of a complicated and geographical nature.
It is a very posh lolly because it is tied with a lovely black ribbon. In a way it’s a shame to eat it, but it would also be a waste to allow it to go stale and thus eventually render it a health hazard to consume.
I am “blessed” in a Hello Magazine type way, to have so many lovely friends who still think of me, even when they are on educational pursuits.


Anonymous said...

You think too much monkey, bless you :-) eat the chocolate x

Mr.D said...

Is Tenby posh or do you still get "Kiss me quick" hats?