Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Eurovision Song Contest – A Very Serious Business.

ebu_logo_pink_446 Eurovision Song Contest 1
Guess what me and Darrell will be doing tonight? 
Eurovision Song Contest Score Card
We have downloaded our score card from the BBC website, and have been to the Tesco Express in the village and got 4 litres of Pepsi Max, 2 tubes of original Pringles, a family bag of Maltesers and a large packet of onion rings (as part of our five a day) and we’re going to watch the Eurovision Song Contest ……… does life get any better?
norton-wogan_96441s  Eurovision Song Contest 3
We miss Terry Wogan greatly, but Graham Norton is growing on us. We like it when he makes “naughty” comments about the performers or their songs.
BB209875EUROVISION_YOUR_CO-RESIZE-s925-s450-fit  Eurovision Song Contest 2010
We are not sure about Josh’s chances ……. but we will be waving our flags and cheering him on from the comfort of our settee and praying that volcanic ash doesn’t blow over from Iceland causing interference to the satellite links etc.  That would really tee off the hosts in Oslo,  as it would our own good selves.
 Eurovision Song Contest 2010 a
I wonder what you have to do to get to be one of those people who say “ Hello Norway, this is the United Kingdom calling, congratulations on your wonderful show tonight.  Here are the scores of the  jury here in London …………….. for Slovenia we give deux points” – How BRILLIANT would that be to do?
Eurovison Song Contest 2
I will be making careful notes on all the songs and performers … on such things as hum ability, costumes, dancers, novelty extras like fire eaters or stilt walkers, and we will try to speak to each other in the accents of the countries as they take part ….. but we are not really sure what a Azerbaijan or Armenian accent sounds like, so I expect we will end up sounding very Wolverhampton with an twist of Irish and Spanish!
Anyway nous hopeons vous will be watching chez vous avec us sur votre settees tonuit!  Bonne Chance Angleterre!


Glen said... your sense of humour and those monkies of yours. *Ü* I'll be watching Britain's Got Talent tonight. Enjoy The ESC. TFS. ~Glen~

Mr.D said...

Ash from Iceland? I thought the frozen food supplier was just being careless with their burning of waste cardboard!