Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A Miracle In Our Midst

Something wonderful has happened in Andy’s tree …. the tree where we hang his special lantern …..
Andy's Tree….. Darrell spotted it first ….
our nest…. we have a dove and a nest …… AND a baby doveling, at this very special and poignant time….
010Nigel is overflowing of awe and wonder …. and knows that he MUST NOT disturb our fledgling family and observe over obtrusively ….. Bless him, he now only tiptoes and whispers on the porch, all games of a wild, boyish, gay abandon type nature are now strictly curtailed for the time being!
008We feel very blessed in a Nature Watch/Bill Oddie/Chris Packham type way that our doves have chosen our garden and especially Andy’s tree to start their new life…… it’s all very emotional.


Mr.D said...

Andy's tree with Andy's doves.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't possibly be more perfect and oh, so special....the dove mama knew the right place for her new family.....a true blessing for all....Dianne

Pamela said...

It's wonderful that there's a new life in Andy's tree! But I'm sorry to burst your bubble - the bird shown is a pigeon.

Mr.D said...

Hi Pamela and Monkey,
According to an internet search, there is no strict difference between a dove and a pigeon. Some say a dove is smaller but the term “dove” and “pigeon” are one and the same and are used interchangeably.
Pleased to un-burst their bubble.

marc said...

that's lovely so romantic big love marc