Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Most Romantic Wrapping Of Wedding Gifts For Tom And The Lovely Laura

Malamine olive bowlWe all have to agree that we each made a most excellent choice as far as our wedding presents for Tom and The Lovely Laura are concerned, the robust and vigorous debate, at times heated, was very well worth it!
melamine bowls olive strawberry and tomato designAnd,  in our humble opinion,  it will take an awful lot for any of our fellow guests to top our most considered gifts.
wrapping wedding presentsHowever, their shape wasn’t too conducive to easy wrapping as we didn’t have a box to put them in, which would have made the task easier,  admittedly we cobbled it …. but with great aplomb, choosing a poignant heart design paper ….
homemade heart tag wedding….. and making our own mahoooooooosive heart shaped tag to match …. complete with faux stitching, which made us feel very Create and Craft!!!
Nigel hero chocolate We all signed the tag and then had to take a minute or two to compose ourselves as we all came over all emotional …. Tom and The Lovely Laura are REALLY getting married ……. it’s like the most wonderful fairytale in our lives EVER ………


Mr.D said...

Great gift.
Great wrapping.
Great tag.
Big day approaching fast!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh how sweet - young love - you've got me crying AGAIN boys!!! JantheFan x

marc said...

it looks fab love it big love marc

Anonymous said...

Perfectly beautiful heart paper and gift tag.for this momentous celebration of the nuptial sort.....they are going to be so thrilled with your excellent choice!...Dianne