Friday, 2 August 2013

Darrell’s Quest ….. For Beauty & Lurve!

Now Darrell is “active on the dating scene”, as he calls it, I really shouldn’t have been surprised when he decided to pump up the volume on his stringent and robust beauty routine …..
face of free dating….. and couldn’t believe his luck when the Lovely Sarah,  the new Textiles Lady at work,  gave him a small parcel crammed with samples left over from a Pamper Evening she’d had ……
free beauty samples…… amongst which were some “Wild Rose Smoothing Capsules”  …. “an intensive treatment”  he read aloud,  “that soften fine lines …..hmmmm sounds very promising and luxurious!”  However their aforementioned capsule form was the subject of much debate, some heated, as to whether he should swallow them whole or snip the top off and apply the contents within onto his skin! 
welda rose capsulesIn the end he settled for the applying to his skin option …. reasoning that no one would see that he had a fine line free, intensely revitalized oesophagus if he swallowed them, though he would have exceedingly pleasant breath, which would certainly be a plus mark for most young ladies,  should he ever have the opportunity to breathe on one!
weleda roseThere was also a tube of “Wild Rose Soothing Day Care Cream” …. which Darrell was quite keen to try, if only he could find away of getting into it! 
free sample rose weleda….. as it appeared to be sealed for the purposes of a Health and Safety and possibly hygiene type nature.
Who would have thought the quest for love AND beauty could be quite so fraught with conundrums…… but knowing Darrell, he will come up smelling of roses … in the end!


Mr.D said...

Careful - they could be more absorbent than expected with Darrell's porous skin.

Anonymous said...

Darrell is always up on the latest in personal care and improvement making his judgment in these matters on target.....he is going to be even more irresistible than usual!....Dianne