Thursday, 22 August 2013

Nigel Ponders on Matters Of A Pertinent Matrimonial Type Nature …..

Nigel ponders…… as in …… how much spaghetti  confetti would it be permissible possible for Darrell and he to chuck throw shower the newly wedded couple with on Saturday as an expression their (his and Darrell’s) unbridled wedding joy without incurring that “certain” look from the aforementioned Lovely Laura …….
sour face….. as it would be such a pity not to use all of the 10 x 1lb bulk bags of industrial strength confetti that they purchased in town,  due to their state of matrimonial excitement and flux the other day ……
Picture2…… I can only hope, for their sakes that The Lovely Laura, in the bloom of bridal joy will be too distracted to notice the more than ample sufficiency coming her’s and Tom’s way!


Mr.D said...

That's a whole lot of confetti.
I'm sure you could think of a crafty way of using any that is left over.

Anonymous said...

In this situation, seems like more is more, as opposed to less is more.....I would be very careful with your aim though.....don't want to surprise the Lovely Laura in the most important moments of her life with a barrage of confetti in the face.....the excitementeyweenpo is building! .....Dianne