Sunday, 11 August 2013

Last Vegas Countdown …

Las Vegas CalendarWhen I announced,  at Christmas,  the wondrous news of our holiday of a lifetime holiday to Last Vegas,  Auntie Jan immediately went out and bought us a 2013 Last Vegas calendar…….
Ticking off the days….. so that Nigel and Darrell would have the palpable and tangible daily excitement of crossing off the days, with dramatic and flamboyant gusto …..
Ticking off the days calendar …… and seeing our aforementioned holiday of a lifetime holiday draw ever nearer …. The days have certainly flown, going from numbers in their hundreds to days in their tens. When the days are finally in single numbers I just don’t know where any of us will be able to put ourselves, I fear that Darrell will be be permanently in the loo!
Las Vegas Calendar ticking off the daysFor reasons of a tight and stringent security type nature, we are not at liberty to reveal when we will actually be flying out  ….. indeed,  it would be a most foolhardy revelation
viva Las VegasHowever … we can divulge that in our absence,  Castle Greysquirrel will indeed be fully occupied, due to our having the kitchen refurbished in our absence …. which is also very exciting ….. and probably worthy of a Hello Magazine photo shoot upon our return!
But in the meantime the crossing off,  not a little unlike Lord Sir Alan Sugar’ s search for a business partner continues ……


Di said...

We think you've already gone - no comments have been published for days :)

Hank and Marvin (Detective Agency)


Mr.D said...

Like a giant long term advent calendar.
No sweets if it is hundreds of days.
¡Viva Las Vegas!

Anonymous said...

Just SO excitied to hear all about it - not that I'm wishing your holiday of a lifetime away I hasten to add - I just want to share a little bit of Las Vegas magic with you. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

The excitement is contagious!...I do hope you get to go to an A C Moore, one of my favourite stores to spend time and money!....Dianne