Monday, 19 August 2013

Darrell Takes Up Meditation

Darrell spotted this poster in one of the village shops and decided that this might be a most excellent and beneficial pursuit/interest for him.  Although he is relatively healthy (thanks to our rigorous 5 a day regime) and generally very happy and almost always in buoyant mood … living with Nigel can at times be a little stressful …. so why not give medication meditation a try …… and off he trotted to the village hall to see what it was all about …..
meditation 1He came back very chilled indeed,  telling us that from now on he was going to go with “his flow” and “feel his body parts” ……  in particular his heart and stomach …..
meditation 2He then attempted to show us the techniques he had learnt ….
meditation 4….. but as you can see he didn’t get very far …..
Meditation 5….. as he had come back very relaxed indeed!  What is he like?


Mr.D said...

Best not feel too many body parts in public. Your own or other peoples' parts!

Anonymous said...

Meditation and the 5 a day healthy diet should get Darrell through most anything Nigel can pursue with his usual enthusiasm! Lucky Darrell is definitely in the peaceful restful zone....Dianne

marc said...

can that make you go blind .....