Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Nigel Graduation Dreams

Graduation DreamsNigel has been very much taken with the range of Graduation paraphernalia in the village gift shop ….. which in turn has further encouraged his interest in “big sums” and growing ambition to go in the “big hall” next summer, with a transparent pencil case to sit a GCSE ….
Maths expand problemDarrell has been assisting him with his tutorage …. and this week they have mainly been doing expansion ……..
expand maths problemOh dear …… I don’t think either of them has quite got the hang of it!
expand algerbraWhat are they like?


Mr.D said...

Ho ho ho.
I think someone has found a humorous maths book or website.
I hope waistlines are not expanding like this equation.

Di said...

Snort, very funny! xx

Anonymous said...

Perseverance pays off...they are bound to get the hang of it.....Nigel seems dedicated to conquering those pesky numbers.....Dianne