Thursday, 15 August 2013

Nigel’s Market Stall of Choice

Whenever we go to the market these days, Nigel’s first port of call is no longer the three 100g sweetie bags for £1 stall  …..
003 …… oh no, that’s a dim and distant memory …..
Hi Viz vest….. now he lingers and sighs mahoosively round the stall that sells workman’s work apparel, in particular the hi viz vest section which has aforementioned hi viz vests for every workman type situation …..
download (1)….. and now he has found out that he can have his own logo put on one there’s no doing with him …..!!!  I place the blame very firmly at the feet of The Lovely Alex and her mum!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Do they sell his size?
I wonder what logo he will choose.
Hopefully not toilet humour. Maybe something school-related like "Condiment executive."

marc said...

A great title Mr d would it fit thoe big love marc

Anonymous said...

Nigel's dream come true.....what more could he want? may be too intense a decision to settle on one right away....suspect he is going to need several of those....Dianne