Thursday, 1 August 2013

Here Come The Groomsmen!!!!!

At last,  Darrell and my wedding tackle apparel of choice for fast approaching, impending and much anticipated nuptials of Tom and The Lovely Laura have finally arrived …. I bowed to Darrell’s superior en trend and de rigeuer fashion knowledge, when he said that we should go for “a smart yet cazzzh matrimonial look” as it was “tres en vogue this season!”
Tuxedo t-shirtI have to admit that I could have been very easily swayed towards wearing our kilts …. but Darrell confided in me that he didn’t think he could be trusted NOT to fling his aforementioned kilt in wondrous gay abandon and then robustly swinging his sporran willy nilly on the dance floor after all the emotion of the day and supping an abundant ample sufficiency of champagne! The thought of disgracing himself and then having to face the wrath of The Lovely Laura would be too much to bear,  ….. and so, he felt that he could be trusted and would be far safer in a suitably poignant t-shirt!
Tuxedo t-shirt.He did however suggest, that we could zhuzzzz them up a little with a faux and over the top button hole and some bejewelled blingy buttons ….. “etcetera, etcetera”! Tuxedo t-shirt..I have to admit that I do not have a natural propensity towards great flamboyance …..
tuxedo t-shirt wedding….. however, who am I to argue when Darrell comes over all Gok Wan after such a revelatory confessional!


Mr.D said...

When wearing your kilts with wondrous gay abandon, you could dance the Gay Gordons. Very stylish.

Anonymous said...

Oh boys - personally I would've liked to have seen darrell's sporan swinging willy nilly however on second thoughts maybe this isn't the right type of blog to behold such wonders. I think the zhuzzzzed up tshirts are a much more suitable attire for such a solemn yet joyful occasion.
JantheFan x

Di said...

Ooooer, no flinging round in a kilt willy nilly then?

The tension is building towards the BIG day :)

Hugs, Di xx

Anonymous said...

Love this choice for this extra special occasion...perfect in every way.....Dianne