Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Nigel’s Dreaming Spires

Keble College Oxford GroundsFor the wedding weekend we were very fortunate enough to be able to stay at Keble College in Oxford which had a very profound effect on Nigel …..
109He insisted on walking around on tiptoe and speaking in a hallowed whisper,  such was his awe and wonder,  saying that he had been taken over by an almost continual attack of the goosebumps, but not of a Derek Acorah type nature ….. this was completely different!Keble College Dinner bellHe said he had a spooky sort of feeling (but again,  not of an aforementioned Derek Acorah type nature) that he had finally come home and this is where he truly belonged ….. amongst clever people,  thinking seriously intellectual thoughts concerning long complicated words that he would have to sound out and big sums with crossings out, powers to the ninth degree and letters that meant numbers!!!
Dreaming spires for NigelHe was even worse when we went into Oxford itself and looked at the libraries and other universities …..
Schola grammaticae oxford…. He went all glassy eyed and said that he could feel intelligence coursing through his veins which made his head feel funny, as if it would pop ….. and he had an overwhelming urge to run through the Schola Grammaticae et Historiae and plead with them to ……“Learn me!”
Anglepoise lamp at Keble CollegePromising that if he got an anglepoise lamp like in the student room we are staying in,  to work under (because that is what all students do) he would learn “everything”, even Latin and Rowing so that he could go there and be a Don or something and wear a swishing gown and matador hat, by which I presume he meant a mortar board.
Keble College CorridorKeble College has an effect on Nigel
Oh good, good, good, good grief! What have we exposed him to now?
Keble College RowingI think it’s best that we try and keep Nigel as calm as possible and see how he settles back down at work ….. not wishing to crush his ambitions, but perhaps once he sees the workmen are still there and he puts on his high viz vest and hard hat perhaps his present overwhelming and robust urges will abate a little.
Library OxfordHowever, if his intellectual enthusiasm remains ….. I suppose we’ll just have to get him some books and a tutor who can get him through his SATS to start him off on the road to academia!  Heaven help him or her and us!!!


Mr.D said...

With his musing and pondering, Nigel could study Philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait for the next chapter of this academic adventure.....Will Nigel decide an ivory tower is his future? Oh dear, should he venture into the Bodleian we may never hear from him again...a search party will have to be launched!....Dianne

Anonymous said...

I hope Nigel's quest for academic success continues unabated - the only way is up Nigel - reach for those stars my boy - the XFactor season is nearly upon us! All roads leading to wearing a matador hat seems a good alternative to me. Ask for an angle-poised lamp for Christmas - all dreams start somewhere. JantheFan x