Saturday, 3 August 2013

A No Nom Nom Situation!

camel balls cheing gum When Darrell arrived home in an absolute state of flux, clutching a plain brown paper bag …..
swiftly followed by….. swiftly followed by an equally fluxed Nigel I had an uncanny and spooky feeling of a Derek Acorah type nature that I would immediately regret enquiring what they had been/were up to ….
camel balls extra sour chewing gum….. and I was right …. do not be fooled by their faux innocent faces!
chewing gum camel ballsThey had been out squandering their pocket money on “things of a boy type humour” ….. to wit three pieces of extra sour camel balls chewing gum that they had found in their sweet shop of choice in town ….. costing 10p each! I just despair! It’s just too, too unsavoury for me, and I certainly wasn’t  going to encourage them!
extra sour camel balls gumin in one
Naturally Nigel, who I don’t actually believe has taste buds, volunteered to try them out first …
camel balls gum…. biting into it first to check out it’s contents ….. which I always regard a very common thing to do!
sour faceLet’s just say that his resulting expression said it all ……. and served him right …. they were extra sour!
egging each other onThose two are just soooooooo bad for one another …. and for once I absolutely forbade them to score their “considered” purchase  on our Richter scale of noms …… as it would only besmirch it’s hallowed reputation for nomming items of discernable taste and not common frippery!


Ali said...

Lol - I know a couple of boys who would like them - snigger xx

Mr.D said...

Made me snigger too.
I have eaten camel meat but not camel balls. I must have seen camel balls when Mrs. D and I rode camels in Egypt.

Anonymous said...

boy fun never hurts (hopefully), but you do need to guard your nom rating credibility....Dianne