Thursday, 8 August 2013

Our Very Considered Gifts Of A Wedding Type Nature …….

Who would have thought that selecting our wedding gifts of choice  to celebrate the much anticipated and impending nuptials of Tom to The Lovely Laura could be so fraught ….. even after the aforementioned Tom and The Lovely Laura had gone to all the trouble of posting a matrimonial list of a present type nature on Amazon!
robust debateWe did have a few idea’s of our own as to suitable gifts for the betrothed couple …… Nigel had set his heart on getting one of those crocheted crinoline lady toilet roll holders as he felt it would be something The Lovely Laura (Bride to Be) would adore and treasure forever and feel proud when visitors to her new home admired “her” exquisite taste….
Darrell wanted to buy a 3ft Asda garden gnome and I thought a door bell that chimed “Bless This House” would be rather nice ….. but as none of these were on the list when we looked, …. we decided that for safety’s sake we ought not veer from it’s path. Of course, Tom and Laura  may have already put such gifts on, but other guests have beaten us to it !amazon wedding present listIn the end,  after much robust debate, at times heated,  we all finally agreed on purchasing a mezzanine melodious melamine bowl each.
wedding presentsDarrell choosing the olive one, Nigel the strawberry and I opted for the tomato one …. A most excellent choice we all decided, because they will help serve as a constant reminder to the newlyweds of the importance of adhering to a rigorous 5 a day routine (like ours),  even during the first heady days of their honeymoon period …. when such regimes can be sadly forgotten!! 


Mr.D said...

My gran and granddad had one of those toilet roll covers.
I had no idea you could still get them.

Di said...

Oh boys, so wise not to have chosen the crinoline doll! An Aunt made one for me many years ago and I had to remember to put it on display whenever she visited - hopefully she never twigged.

Now those bowls, a totally different matter. They will be well used and much prized I'm sure!

Hugs, Di

Anonymous said...

Oh boys - the perfect gift - what more could a bride and groom desire I ask myself?! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Monkey, Of course your good taste and good sense would choose the perfect gift and lead Darrell and Nigel along the best nuptial gift path......Dianne