Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Beam Me Up Scotty!

There is hardly as day that goes by without me putting my head in my hands in some sort of disbelief type situation ….. and yesterday was just another one of them ……
Dummy popNigel had decided to nip to the shops up the road for a change to squander spend some of his pocket money …. …..
Dummy pop.….. and I knew by the look on his face and his rush to find Darrell,  his cohort on such occasions,  that his considered purchase hadn’t been a Milky Bar or Twix!
lolly dummy Oh no, it was, to wit, a lollipop, masquerading as a dummy of a most grotesque and nasty type nature …….
014good grief
It goes without saying that Darrell was highly amused, enraptured and encouraging,  however I am afraid I tutted rather loudly, several times, in despair,  because I knew that there would be no doing with the pair of them for the rest of the afternoon,  at the very least!
Monkey with dummy.Boys will be boys I know …….
monkey with dummy…… but I wish that within the portals of Castle Greysquirrel it wasn’t quite so often!!!  WHAT ARE THEY LIKE?


Anonymous said...

Oh boy's you've done it again - made me laugh and thank you for that! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Pocket money or wages for his work in the school canteen?
Terrible teeth!

Anonymous said...

there's no accounting for a young monkey boy's spending choices.....must hold a fascination many of us can't quite fathom!....Dianne

marc said...

I love it Darlings I can see it going down a storm and causing a riot of jolliness on the club scene great find big show biz party wave Hugh