Sunday, 19 October 2014

A Seasonal Gift For Iris

Now we are relative Uncles to Iris, she is never far from our thoughts …. and as such I find myself strangely gravitated to shops that sell things largely of a baby type nature ….
Mothercare. Halloween OutfitsAnd with Nigel heavily pestering about Halloween, I was curious to see what “seasonal” outfits were available for Iris …….. a gift from perhaps her uncles!
Mothercare Pumpkin outfitOh Mon Dieu, I was quite taken aback …….
Halloween Mothercare …….and  I was so grateful that Nigel wasn’t with me as my brain might have exploded, he would have gone into Halloween overdrive if he had seen all the things they had! In the end, I did make a much considered purchase, being mindful that the Lovely Laura and Tom had to approve of my choice ….. and I also took my time in deliberating the comfort factor of wearing some of the outfits …….
Finally my outfit of choice was a skeleton suit and when I arrived home much oooooooohing and aghhhhing  thronged Castle Greysquirrel as Darrell and Nigel admired my said choice ….. coupled with a little Uncley emotion. I “dune gud” they said.  But I put the receipt in the bag just in case The Lovely Laura and Tom wanted to swop the skeleton for a pumpkin ensemble instead!!!!!


Mr.D said...

The boy done good. The costume looks huge compared to Nigel. Iris must be growing well.

Anonymous said...

comfort is a main concern with costumes for little ones and that looks like it would be...pumpkin or skeleton, Iris will be having a great time seeing colourful costumes and smiling pumpkins.....her first Halloween; a time to remember, her first holidays! .......sooo much to look forward to with this new dear loved one........Dianne

marc said...

one like the skeleton its so just right now in the costume charts and sh sh dont tell Nigel pumpkins are so last year they are almost retro vintage big love Hugh ps i am sure in wolverhampton that pumpkins are still trending big time big love marc