Sunday, 12 October 2014

Nigel, Never One To Miss An Opportunity To Be Part Of ……..

It was “School Photo Day” again on Friday …… where do the years go? It only seems like five minutes since we were last clambering up the scaffold for the last one!  Well, Darrell and I were on the afternoon shift, so this year we missed it ……
006…… but Nigel was at the very hub …..
school photo..……. determined that he would be on it ….. to be part of history as it were!school photoHe listened diligently for all the announcements, waiting for his call, and when it came “The Staff”’s turn (as he loosely is) they were asked to line up in order of height ….. well, you can guess where Nigel ended up!!
school photo time He then had to follow in a big, long snake of staff to his anointed position, and make sure his head was exactly between the two people directly in front of him…….
between two heads   …… and then smile for all he was worth, looking straight into the camera across the other side of the field!!!! Now, whether we will actually be able to spot him in the final line up goodness only knows, but as he said sagely, he was there and he knows where he was, and that’s good enough for him!

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Mr.D said...

I hope he didn't blink at the vital moment.
Was it one of those cameras that moves so you can run round and be in the photo more than once.