Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Well, we are ready …..
……. and to mark the occasion we thought that we would pose for a few Hello Magazine type photos to celebrate ……
……. after all what’s good enough for Peter Andre is certainly good enough for us!!
We’ve also festooned our lounge …….
…….. with proper, real, genuine Halloween decorations from the US, the spiritual home of Trick or Treat, a present from our lovely, lovely No. 1 American Fan and serial commentator  Dianne in romantic and sunny Florida.
Thank you Dianne ……
….. thanks to you Castle Greysquirrell is most spookily resplendent and the talk of the village!!!


Mr.D said...

Great job Dianne.
Your present looks great.
I hope Nigel doesn't get nightmares.

Anonymous said...

all is looking Halloween festive at Castle Greysquirrel! ....sending best wishes for a fun Halloween trick or treat time.....not many tricks but lots of treats and fun, fun, FUN! give all of us a treat everyday with your very special adventures......Loving wishes, Dianne

PS dear baby Iris will be joining all the costume fun next year!

Pamela said...

All of you and the home look brilliant! I love Halloween and shall be greeting Trick or Treaters dressed as a witch with spooky music being played.