Saturday, 18 October 2014

Darrell And Nigel Sign Their Lives Away To The Arts!!

017There has been a whole plethora of signing up posters for “The Arts” being put up all over the place at work …..
Dance Auditions…… and both Darrell and Nigel have been keen to “sign up”  …..
Band sign up……. whether they have a talent or not!!!
dance rehearsals I mean ………  since what on earth does Darrell know about pirouetting, especially as he is a martyr with his bunions?
Choir Sign UpDrama Auditions
Nigel, naturally, has put his name down for EVERYTHING ……..
Solo auditions….. and has been practising his best X Factor “Please, please, just give me a chance.  This means the world to me. I’ll give a million and one per cent if you just give me the chance” speech for after any audition where his talents might be rejected !!!
Nigel signs upI just hope one choir, at least, “sign him up or we’ll never hear the last of it!


Anonymous said...

Go boyz - as Brian Littrell says - 'Every accomplishment stars with the decision to try.' JantheFan x
p.s. tell Nigel not to forget a little tear must run down his cheek whilst making his XFactor style plea.

Mr.D said...

If they do sign him up (or sing him up,) you will never hear the last of it either.

Anonymous said...

Opportunities abound!..who could refuse Nigel and his enthusiasm....who knows what talents are waiting to burst worth.....can't wait to see what pent up talents dazzle us! .....Dianne

marc said...

go for it darlings i have seen you have more talent in your little toe than lots of the so called clebs who i have to try and work with have your be stars darlings stars i say big love Hugh