Friday, 10 October 2014

Something …. Close To Wonderful!!!!

Oh M D, something truly wonderful has occurred chez Greysquirrel …… something almost tooooooo  special for words!
squirel spottingNigel spotted it first ……
Castle Greysquirrel…… almost disbelieving his own eyes ….. but then, despite being almost apoplectic with excitement, he managed to called Darrell and I ….. and yes, we can confirm that Castle Greysquirrel has now got it’s very own grey squirrel!
Castle Greysquirrel.We are sooooooooo proud! It was a very, very robustly emotional moment for all of us.022We apologise for our very blurred pictures but Darrell’s hands were shaking so much and he had to put his zoom on as far as it would go as the said squirrel was right down at the bottom of the garden.
squirrel watchWe let Nigel choose the name for him …… as he saw him first ….. but we all agreed it was the most appropriate imaginable ….. our squirrel shall henceforth be known as Adam ….. because Prince Adam (Aka He-Man) lived in Castle Greyskull, which was the original name of our house, until a year or so back when our greatest fan, Jan the Fan started to refer to it as Castle Greysquirrel and in the end we decided to adopt it too  …….  so there is a spooky Derek Acorah sort of poetry and synchronicity to the tale …….
squirrel watchWe are now all fretting as to whether we should get some nuts to hang up for Adam, or some acorns ….. having a squirrel is a grave responsibility ….. and we don't want to be found wanting!


Mr.D said...

How wonderful.
Well spotted Nigel and a great house name from JtF too.

Anonymous said...

oh my.....a Derek Acorah moment of the most wondrous kind....could it be more perfect to have a grey squirrel in residence at Castle Greysquirrel? was meant to be. I know you will be providing a magnificent squirrel buffet....Dianne

marc said...

you can make a obstacle coarse for it so it can get some nuts and yes def get it some peanuts in shells and hazel nuts

Anonymous said...

I now some peeps are keen on grey squirrels but I love to see them - they are frequent visitors to our garden and cul-de-sac. Now they have visited your garden you will see them regularly I hope! Your garden is looking lovely! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Remember the advert, Squirrel Mission Impossible?