Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Certain Peoples Current Lunch Box Crisp of Choice–McCoys

Nigel and Darrell’s current lunch box crisp of choice are McCoys ……
McCoys Man Crisps…… however, I don’t think their robust enthusiasm has got anything to do with the crisps ridge cut, flavours or value for money ……
Man Crisps McCoys…… I think it’s more to do with the blub on the back of the packets …..
McCoys. Man Crisps……. Darrell and Nigel even make sure that when they are eating said crisps of choice the aforementioned blurb is facing outwards so that everyone can see that they are eating “man crisps!”…..
Face of a real man.m……. and their best rufty tufty “manly” expressions as they eat them …..
Face of A Real Man.I am not sure that blowing up the bags and then banging them when they have finished eating can be regarded as a manly activity in the staffroom though.  Sometimes I just despair of them!


Mr.D said...

You are making want the real McCoy's.

Anonymous said...

not familiar with this brand of man crisps but with Darrell and Nigel's recommendation,I bet they rate high on the crisp nomtastic scale.....I suspect men, women and children indulge in their crispy goodness! .....Dianne