Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hot Pork Bap Anyone?

Darrell got home from work at lunch time yesterday and as he got off the bus he was drawn to something, he said, that smelt like something “close to wonderful”………. and then saw the sign outside The Kitchen, our village eaterie.
So,  he followed he nose and decided that today was the day that he would avail himself of one of their famous hot pork baps for himself!
IMG_0027…… ordering one with ALL the trimmings, apple sauce, stuffing, gravy AND crackling to take out ……
…… and helped himself to several, very moreish samples of pork pie while his said bap was being made up.
When it was ready, and he found out that it was only £2, he thought there must have been a  mistake ….. but no ….. so he duly paid up and scampered home ….. the aroma coming from his paper bag almost driving him to distraction.
Oh mon dieu, there was only one thing left to do ……..
…….and that was to take a giant bite! The bap did not disappoint and delivered on so many nom levels …… in fact, Darrell awarded it a crackling fuelled, 15 gigantic noms out of ten……
And promised himself that when we are all at home for lunchtime together and hot pork baps were on the menu ….. it would be baps akimbo chez Castle Greysquirrel as he would treat us all to this local delicacy and spread the word!


Mr.D said...

I want a hot pork bap and I want it NOW!

Anonymous said...

the fresh food smell drifting around the eatery is a winner that can't be beat and pulls you in every time...... I don't even eat hamburgers or cheese burgers, but the smell of fast food can get my attention (but I am a Chips- french fry fanatic)! ...... remarkable nom rating!! I see many more of these fantastic pork wonders making their way to Castle Greysquirrel! .....Dianne