Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Homesick For Greece … Confectionary Review ……

When we left Greece Nigel secreted two packs of confectionary in amongst our suitcases …… thinking that when we returned to Castle Greysquirrel and were a little melancholic and homesick for Greece they might lift our spirits and raise a few smiles.
Trolli Octopus His confectionary of Greek choice? Gummi Sharks and Octopuses?????, What is he like?
Trolli gummi sharksLast night, was such a melancholic night and after some debate, none of which was heated, we decided to break open the sweeties, starting with the   sharks …..
Shark feeding frenzy …… which Darrell arranged most romantically and artistically into a gummi shark feeding frenzy for Nigel, which made him smile from ear to ear (or fin to fin).
Trolli gummi sharks.There then followed a feeding frenzy of our own ……. the sharks proved most palatable ….. to which we awarded 8 noms out of 10 on our world famous Richter Scale of Noms.
eating sharkThe sharks  also proved to be quite filling …. so we thought that we would save the octopuses as an extra treat for tomorrow night in case our melancholy returns  …… and to make our Greek revival last just a little while longer.


Mr.D said...

I hope, by tomorrow, Nigel isn't off his trolli.

Anonymous said...

Wow! a beautiful Greek blue feeding frenzy.....Greece even has confectionary in gorgeous colours .....best to save some should there be another bout of melancholy ......blue will always remind you of Greece......Dianne