Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Octo … nasty!

Following on from yesterdays gummi shark review there was much anticipated, tangible and palpable excitement throughout the day Chez Castle with regards to the  testing of the confectionary delights of Nigel’s octopuses ……
Trolli Octopus sweets……. but sadly, it wasn’t quite the treat we had all looked so much looked forward to …..
congealed octopus….. because upon opening the packet of said confectionary, out plopped  a very large and unappealing congealed mass of octopi …..
mutant octopus….. I am afraid a most definite and robust no nom nom situation of an  unnatural mutant octopi type nature.
too weird for eatingNow whether the temperature in the hold of our returning plane from Greece wasn’t conducive for the safe passage of gummi octopuses in suitcases we may never know …….
Trolli octopus.…… and having said that, we were able to salvage a few complete octopi ….
 Gummi octopus Trollino nom nom
…… but in truth our appetites and enthusiasm had, by now, dimmed somewhat .
trolli gummi octopus..Octopus on the menu
Nigel made a valiant effort ….. but even he had to agree eating something with a smiley face and some many tentacles was slightly disarming …..
019So sadly, we all came to the agreement that for our unexpectedly mutant octopuses we could only ever have given them a resounding Eurovision  “nul points” on our world famous Richter Scale of noms …….
Octopus with a face…… which must be a sad and tragic first for us!


Mr.D said...

Does the octopus face resemble Nigel?
Is this why you didn't want to eat them?

Mr.D said...

I think they are all off their Trolli.

Anonymous said...

A sad sad day when your octopi fuse .....wonder what their nom score would have been had they remained singles in all their gummy deliciousness .....a tragic first indeed to miss out on your international review of a Greek can always look forward to your next holiday for another nomtastic confectionary review!......Dianne