Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Great British Bake Off Final

What can we say ……
…… but last night the tension chez Castle Greysquirrel was more than just tangible and palpable …. it was absolutely pulsating, as we settled down to watch the final of The Great British Bake Off.
We had prepared for our evenings viewing by purchasing a few glazed donuts of choice to help soothe our jangling nerves as we nommed constantly, wishing that we could lick the bowls, as the contestants baked their way through each round.
Nancy was our favourite ….. as she was always soooooo cool and calm and under control in a very gentle type way …..
……. even when Paul decimated one of her mini victoria sponges …..
…… that, we have to admit, was a very emotional moment for us, to see something so wonderfully romantic destroyed in seconds by a fork! ……. But when Nancy was finally announced as the winner there was even more unbridled emotion ….. we whooped and yelled at the top of our voices and we guess our neighbours were watching it too, and were as equally excited as us as they even banged the wall in their unfettered joy!!!
The programme makers have already begun looking for contestants for next year …… dare we? We don’t have much time to perfect a cracking Croquembouche or Prinzregententorte …… or perhaps we should just start simply …….  with a plate of 12 jam tarts!


Mr.D said...

Do something Greek?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could apply to be a cake taster? Giving the contestants your opinion on their bakes on your nomming scale? Yes? JantheFan x
p.s. Loved Nancy's Moulin Rouge Show Stopper!

Di said...

Oh boys, we were delighted to see Nancy win as well! Our neighbours didn't bang on our walls in appreciation/agreement when we screamed with delight though (you got us crying with laughter again there!) - just as well really 'cos they'd have had to hop over a six foot fence do so.

We personally don't think you should enter next year's contest - think of the stress and also the constant peeking into those warming drawers :)

Love, Hank and Marvin xx

Anonymous said...

always comforting when a worthy favourite wins ......then you know it is on the up and up .......more good times at Castle Greysquirrel! are living the good life......Dianne